Vassiliki Zafiria Ypsilanti is the founder of MANTILITY. As an art lover and friend with many artists and designers, she was often disappointed by the challenges they face in gaining exposure, networking and monetization.

Meanwhile as a fashion enthusiast she was attracted by fashion items that could reflect the hard work put into it by the artisan. She strongly believes in conscientious shopping and that means items that are accessible and make you feel good, long after the purchasing decision.
The brand name MANTILITY is a peculiar combination of the Greek word “μαντήλι” [mantili : scarf¨] and the English word [mentality] with international recognition. It is a concept addressed to refined logic; in the habit arising from the use of intellect and knowledge; consolidates aesthetic values, it is easy to pronounce and cheerful.

Each MANTILITY is a carrier of the cult of the light walker, the magical master, the aura of jasmine, spring bloom, autumn sky and winter companionship. It carries the values of modern Greek design and the silk tradition, diligently combines fashion with art and is available in limited “copies”.