Nadia Zachou is a fine Jewelry designer choosing only 100% Precious Stones like Rubys, Saphire, etc. Minimal yet chic designs that never go out of style and can be inherited. The greatest inspiration behind Nadia Zachou Fine Jewellery comes first and foremost from the individuals who wear our jewelry – elegantly sophisticated, with a real sense of self, dynamic yet grounded clients who know they deserve the best. Greece’s magnificent light and crystalline seas, its wealth of millennia-old culture, its expansive, vibrant philosophies and mythology as well as its multifaceted natural glory are all elements that infuse our creative vision. Exclusive rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and other stones we use generate timeless day-to-night radiance and charge you with singular energy and style. They are crafted by a visionary team with generations of worldly experience in jewelry-making and a deeply intuitive understanding of design.


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