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What to wear to work

These months are full of new events, exhibitions and gallery openings. Even though there is no particular dress code for these occasions, a creative approach to your outfit is always a good start considering your style. An evening event can be an opportunity for you to make slightly bolder sartorial choices getting away from the more safe choices you would make for your office days.

v i e w  p r o d u c t s

Bordeaux is one of the favorite colors this season and when it comes to dressing it is a color that gives a touch of luxury and elegance. Must-have elements when you want to stand out at an event. The Bordeaux long kimono by Elena Koutsia is an excellent choice. It combines the casual by its relaxed fit-, with the formal by the material and the detailed fringed black design at the backside. The kimonos are super chic, very easy to wear, and can be styled in many different ways, but we believe that the more creative we are, the more unique we become with our ensembles.

Take these velvet trousers by Madame Shoushou, for example. They make the perfect combination with the bordeaux kimono as they have the same laid-back luxe appeal and the cut-outs give an exciting and revealing touch to the fully dressed outfit.

When it comes to accessories, we would go for more strict lines as the outfit has the floating movement already by itself. One choice would be the same hue as the kimono Riviera bag by Marina Raphael which is as smart and elegant as we want and roomy enough to fit all our essentials. Same with the pair of patent leather heeled pumps by Foxi Bags that will uplift your entire look with their playful two-colored design.
Complete the look with a gold chain necklace with circles that will be the divine addition to your look.